Hoisting our flag for the first time

On March 20th, 2024, we celebrated a significant milestone in our history. In a heartwarming mini flag launch event, our very own flag was proudly hoisted for the first time, joining the Nigerian and Greensprings School flags that have been a staple on our premises since our establishment five years ago.

The new flag holds a special significance, as it was designed through a collaborative stencil printing process led by our dedicated art teacher, Mr. Meshach Frank. The project involved all of our students, each of whom played a part in creating the flag, fostering a deep sense of pride and unity within our school community.

Mr. Frank’s guidance and the students’ enthusiasm brought the design to life, transforming a simple art project into a symbol of our school’s identity and spirit. The flag’s unique design not only represents our school’s values but also showcases the creativity and effort of our students.

During the launch event, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and pride. As the new flag was hoisted, students and staff alike celebrated this new addition, marking it as a day to remember in our school’s history.
The inclusion of our own flag alongside those of Nigeria and Greensprings School is more than a symbolic gesture; it represents our commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all our students. It stands as a testament to the creativity, hard work, and unity that define our school.

We look forward to flying our flag with pride for many years to come, continually reminding us of the collective effort and the vibrant community spirit that make our school unique.

Watch the slide show of the launch below.

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