School Psychologist


Waliu Babatunde Bomodeoku

BEd in Early Childhood and Primary Education from Kwara State University (KWASU), MEd in Educational Psychology from University of Lagos (UNILAG), Nigeria.

Waliu is a trained psychologist whose background in educational psychology as well as early childhood and primary education have enabled him provide both academic and behavioural support to children of varying age ranges in the last five years.
He is trained and skilled in conducting, analysing, and interpreting standardised psychoeducational assessments to provide the best intervention for both neurotypical and neuro-divergent children.
Passionate about personal and character development, he takes interest in discovering diverse ways of modifying maladaptive behaviours and promoting positive behaviours in children (at the elementary and secondary levels) and adults.

Waliu currently works as a school psychologist at Anthos House where he conducts psychoeducational assessments for students and non-students of Greensprings School