Ms. Rume Aggreh

After being dissatisfied with several schools, I was looking for a school that had utmost faith in the capabilities of my child to live an independent and successful life, develop her overt and latent abilities and instill confidence in herself. I am relieved and thrilled that Anthos House has met my expectations. Anjola is fully […]

Ms. Bumi Olakanpo

“Where there’s a will there’s a way ” is a saying so apt to express the sheer doggedness of Greensprings concept of Anthos House. My daughter, Naomi (with DS) and I were first in line to register as we knew we had found the best School in Nigeria for children with Special Needs. So if […]

Mrs Ojo-Dupe

Anthos House is a unique school for unique children with special abilities. My daughter has learnt a lot from the school like good manners, self confidence and some extra curricular activities like swimming, cooking and sports.  The staff are kind and loving.  The school is like a second home.