What Is an Evaluation?

Having your child evaluated for learning and attention issues is a journey, with a number of steps along the way. As you take each step, you may have questions and concerns. But at the end, you’ll have a clear picture of where your child is struggling and how you and the school can best help your child succeed.

Learning About Evaluations

Your child is struggling, and you don’t know why. The only way to get a full picture is to have your child evaluated. Having your child evaluated is the only way to know exactly why he’s struggling and if he’s eligible for support and services. Both school and private evaluations for learning issues involve testing. Being informed about evaluations helps you to advocate for your child throughout the process.

  • An evaluation can go by many names.
  • You may hear it referred to as an educational evaluation, an educational assessment, or a school evaluation.
  • Different kinds of evaluations and help are available depending on your child’s age and struggles.

When the school, doctors or others talk about getting your child tested, what does it mean? Typically they’re referring to an evaluation. An evaluation is often the first step toward getting your child help at school. Many people refer to it as an education evaluation, a school evaluation or an educational assessment. And it can lead to your child receiving the support he or she needs.

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